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Dave Nevue

Dave Nevue

Monson, MA


Watermarks will not be printed on the prints that you purchase.

My artwork is inspired by my love of animals and nature. I am fascinated by everything in nature, but dogs are my favorite subject and encompass the majority of my work. My art features detailed pet portraits and I enjoy trying different techniques with each piece. I work mainly with graphite pencils.

I grew up in Western Massachusetts. I became interested in drawing as a young child and was encouraged by my family to practice with different mediums. I became interested in playing the guitar in my teens and continue to teach guitar in Connecticut. As an adult I returned to drawing, focusing on graphite pencils. My love of animals becomes clear when I am working on a pet portrait. I enjoy each portrait as if it were my first drawing. I regularly donate original drawings for animal related fundraisers including "Second Chance" Large Animal Rehabilitation Facility and Dakin Humane Society.

I still live in Western Massachusetts. I enjoy spending my time with my family, two dogs, and cat. I love the convenience of being close to my favorite activities; hiking, camping and the East Coast beaches. I also enjoy traveling to Florida to visit Disney World and Universal Studios with my family.

I specialize in Commissioned Pet Portraits. You can order a commissioned drawing at http://www.davenevueart.com or contact me here for more info.



True Love by Dave Nevue


Cody Graphite Drawing by Dave Nevue


Ajax Graphite Dog Portrait by Dave Nevue


Graphite Dog Drawing Shady by Dave Nevue


Dog Drawing Orion by Dave Nevue


Duke Dog Drawing by Dave Nevue


Cal by Dave Nevue



Freedom by Dave Nevue


Toby by Dave Nevue


Seaside Treasure by Dave Nevue


Moozie Cat Drawing by Dave Nevue


Webster and Lulu by Dave Nevue


Bridget by Dave Nevue


Destiny and Ziva by Dave Nevue


Frodo by Dave Nevue


Pippin by Dave Nevue


Ocean's Treasure by Dave Nevue


Darby by Dave Nevue


Boston Terrier Juno by Dave Nevue


Best Freinds by Dave Nevue


A Taste of Autumn by Dave Nevue


Apple Orchard by Dave Nevue


Dog Portrait Webster by Dave Nevue


Dog Portrait Marsh Mellow by Dave Nevue


Dog Portrait Logi by Dave Nevue